About Coco Sands

Designer and founder Nicole – or Coco, if you will – was born and raised in Southern California, just like her belts. With an ever-changing look that closely mirrors that of a chic chameleon, she strives to create enviable products that could hold their own through every season of "spring cleaning" amid the forever fluctuating fashion industry.
Although she landed her dream gig at a highly-recognized entertainment brand, scouring for new shops and brands  where she'd stumble upon her next retro beaded jacket or a rustic pair of Levi's that hugged just right – almost seemed to mimic a full-time job. But something about her daily casual uniform consisting of jeans seemed to be missing: a belt - and a sophisticated one at that. 
In accordance to Nicole's sharp ideas that guided her on a path through the world of jewelry making and on to become a successful journalist, the Brook Buckle's distinct shape – her first signature piece – demonstrates the pivot she has made upon finding her calling in the fashion industry. 



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