What To Know About Our Leather


Coco Sands carefully sources hides that are solely by-products of the meat industry to minimize waste on this beautiful planet we call Earth. Each Coco Sands leather belt is hand-cut to perfection, embossed and constructed from three pieces of fine leather — a fashionable outer shell paired with an incredibly durable leather filler and smooth suede inner lining. And all the action happens right here in Los Angeles, California. Oh, and by the way, because leather is a natural resource, noticing a little wear and tear on your products doesn't mean it's ruined, rather it gives it even more flare (imagine that!).


Leather is not cheap. That being said, we highly recommend professional leather dry cleaning services only for our leathers if they happen to get a lil' dirty. If you feel like Wonder Woman and want to attempt at cleaning your products on your own, there are several cleaning products on the shelves or that can be made right in your kitchen to make your item as good as new. However, if you do want to take the DIY route, we suggest giving the solution a-go on a small space that is hidden from the eye to make sure you are not causing your precious goods more damage. 

Keeping in mind that leather may occasionally have natural markings and flaws, Coco Sands will repair any damaged goods—outside of wear and tear—within 6 months from your purchase at www.shopcocosands.com. Repairs from outside retailers will not be offered. If your item was purchased through an outside retailer, please contact them directly about a damaged item. Sale items are not eligible for return or repair.